Monday, 27 August 2007

Oishi Express restaurant, Phuket

The Oishi Express restaurant in Phuket

is located at the Winner shopping mall.

It’s a great experience, Japanese, Chinese and seafood all you can eat for 337,-Baht per person, including non alcoholic drinks and various dessert options.

The place is massively big, since they also cater to groups.

They offer loads o various dishes, ranging from Sashimi and Sushi and loads of different salads to chicken dishes, pasta (for the lone Westerner), various hot dishes, freshly made at request, just too many to mention. A real feast. For that price obviously not top quality but good enough to get good value out of it.

A view on the Sashimi bar.

Unfortunately there’s no Oishi (yet) in Samui, but in Phuket, Bangkok and various other big Cities in Thailand they have restaurants of this chain.

A nice touch is the children’s playroom, where they can have fun on their own!

If you like Japanese food, I can highly recommend a visit to your local Oishi.



Anonymous said...

Yeh, but what was the weather like ?

PS - we prefer the Zen Japanese restaurant in the Central Festival Mall.

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Jamie,

The weather that day was great! Nice and sunny.

Agree that Zen is also a very nice place but I do like the 'all you can eat' concept that Oishi offers. Quality wise Zen takes the stroedel.

Rowena said...

I ♥ this. Now I know that my dad is eating well while he is there.

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Rowena,

Good to know your mind is at ease now.