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Thursday, 13 August 2015

A new page has been created on this blog about tour bookings

Yes indeed, a new page has been created on this blog about tour bookings and I hope you visit this page a lot and book tour through this page. Visit the page by clicking here.

Many times I'm being asked what can we do on Koh Samui and hopefully this page will help you a little bit on finding the right tour activity for you on Koh Samui.

At the moment three tours have been selected and all three of them have been tested by me and all three passed this test. I work with reliable people that I know and offer quality tours.

There's a permanent link to this new page on top of each blog post, have a look and click on the link (the orange colored words).

A new page has been created on this blog about tour bookings

All three tours currently on offer insurance and cater to different activities. One nice feature is that they are half day trips, which leaves enough time to do other things that same day.

Currently on offer are an Island Gem Gourmet picnic tour which also includes snorkeling, a photographer's tour for scenic and some top locations on Koh Samui to catch some great shots and there's also a drink tasting tour which visits some special places on the island where you can try out local, home made drinks and/or brews.

Hope you enjoy the page and visit often. Please ask me if you have any questions or leave feedback!

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