Sunday, 23 August 2015

10th Anniversary of Sabeinglae restaurant in Lamai

Yesterday saw the 10th Anniversary of Sabeinglae restaurant in Lamai and due to family connections, we were invited. The owner, Khun Amnath Chotchuang ahs the same family name as my wife, and just like her dad, he originates from Koh Phangan.

10th Anniversary of Sabeinglae restaurant in Lamai

The music stage, build up on the beach

Each year my father in law receives an invitation for the annual anniversary of the restaurant and this year he passed the honors on to us, to which we happily obliged. Within one week, we visited now twice! Earlier this week we took old friends from the Netherlands to Sabeinglae, which they thought was their best meal with Thai food whilst in the kingdom.

10th Anniversary of Sabeinglae restaurant in Lamai

A view over the buffet, with an oyster bar in front

It was very busy and cars were parked all over the place, I found a parking spot some 100 meters away from the entrance. A couple of traffic controllers were put in place for the occasion, so the Samui hi so could accident free get in and out of their cars.

10th Anniversary of Sabeinglae restaurant in Lamai

Khun Amnath Chotchuang with myself and my two daughters

It was indeed a meeting of Samui's hi so, politicians and family. I only spotted two other Westerners and doubt that many other non Thais were present. The restaurant was packed for the occasion and tables were even out on the beach in order to accommodate all attendees.

10th Anniversary of Sabeinglae restaurant in Lamai

The sushi bar

With three locations on the island, in Lamai, Chaweng and Fisherman's Village, they're going strong. The Lamai location is still our favorite with the restaurant in Fisherman's Village coming in at a very close second.

10th Anniversary of Sabeinglae restaurant in Lamai

Waai kuaw or octopus curry, a typical Samui recipe/dish. Besides local events like weddings or at temples, I don't know any other locations on the island where you can order this

We enjoyed our food, with waai kuaw (pictured above), nice prawns, crispy pork, various curries, hor mok plaa (steamed fish with curry in banana leaves), sushi and various other options on offer. Well worth the long drive down there from where we live! 

10th Anniversary of Sabeinglae restaurant in Lamai

A whole crispy suckling pig, loosing it's shape when the evening progressed. Very tasty!

We were glad that we had the opportunity to visit and enjoyed it. We can highly recommend a visit to either one of the three locations on the island. Do your research so you know what to order, they're worth trying something out you may not know! Due to our participation in the 8th Cancer care run  in Nathon earlier during the morning of the same day, we didn't stay too long and went home relatively early, satisfied and with a full stomach. We slept great yesterday!

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