Sunday 2 August 2015

31 year old Thai woman died of box jelly fish stings on Koh Phangan

Two days ago, Friday night, 31st July, a 31 year old Thai woman died of box jelly fish stings on Koh Phangan. Just short of almost a year when a young 5 years old French boy died last year in August on Koh Phangan from box jelly fish stings.

Signs posted on Koh Phangan's beaches raising awareness and the proper action in case of box jelly fish stings (so far the Gulf of Thailand has had no problems with the bluebottles)

Big difference this week was the location, this accident happened at the Haad Rin beach, where each month the Full Moon Party is held. This happened on the evening of the Full Moon party.
The Thai lady was visiting from Bangkok and went for a swim around 8.30pm. Due to the darkness, signs and symptoms may have been misunderstood or couldn't be identified because of the darkness and initial first aid may not have been appropriate for jelly box stings, meaning, no vinegar was administered. 

If interested, you can view pictures of the wounds in this article in Thai language of the NationTV paper, its graphic though and not for viewing in case you're sensitive.

After last years death of the French boy, action was taken by local Phangan authorities and on many beaches signs like the one above and vinegar poles were placed. Unfortunately the Haad Rin community did not take part in any of the preventive measures. Hopefully this attitude will change now with the recent unfortunate events.

On Koh Samui, a Thai work group visited shortly after last years accident on Koh Phangan and raised awareness among Thai hotel staff. members of this Thai work group were already scheduled to visit Koh Samui and Koh Phangan next week, in order to contact new networks and follow the local surveillance work. 

Juts keep in mind that I do report about this accident, not to scare monger but to raise awareness. 
The recommend way to deal with box jelly fish stings is to use plenty of vinegar on the affected body parts;


1. Begin CPR if required and call for medical assistance
2. Immediately pour vinegar over sting area for at least 30 seconds
3. After using the vinegar, place cold packs or ice on the wound to ease the pain and reduce skin damage
4. Seek medical attention

For English press, the Phuketwan was the first to report this, although unfortunately they wrongly state that no box jelly fish fatalities occurred at the Andaman Sea. Sadly enough there are documented fatalities there as well. The Nation has now also reported about this tragic event.
You can also read a previous blog of mine about on 'Box jelly fish on Koh Samui and the rest of Thailand'.

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