Tuesday 16 April 2013

Food on Wheels; Lasagna

This month's addition to my Food on Wheels series is an odd one out! Not necessarily for the kind of wheels being uses, that's the by now rather standard motorbike with side show but rather what is being sold. It's not Thai food for a big change but Lasagna. Yes, Italy is in the house!

Food on wheels; Lasagna, the bike

Standard bike with food for sale, all configured slightly different

It's a Ta person selling the Lasagna and it tastes darn good! Bellisimo, so to say. The lasagna is made with pork, since most Thai people don't eat beef, but a few beef lasagnas can be had each day.

Food on wheels; Lasagne, the oven

The ovens

Besides lasagna in a big and small size, there's also spinach with cheese, spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese and garlic bread on the menu. I usually order a lasagna and two garlic bread sets, the latter for the kids.

Food on wheels; Lasagne

Lasagna big and small and spinach in the middle

Every Wednesday the salesperson can be found at the  walking street at the Seatran pier in Bang Rak, where you can find me between 5.30 and 6pm. By that time, when they barely start sales, besides me usually other people already line up to buy their share and when the Seatran is late a few passengers also get their share. 

Food on wheels; Garlic bread

Garlic bread, 3 pieces per serving at 40.-THB per serving

The prices are also very decent, at 100.-THB per big lasagna there's not much to complain and you an easily buy two and heat them up in the micro wave or oven the next day! With the garlic bread he must ake a killing though at 40.-THB per serving.

Food on wheels; Sales counter

The sales counter

He's also at a few other walking streets and that are the only places you cn find him, for the simple reason that his ovens are electrical and he needs a wall socket to operate his ovens!

Excellent food and well worth checking out although a big change to the typical Thai (junk) food sold on these kind of motorbikes. Enjoy and see you on Wednesday and leave some for me!

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