Sunday 14 April 2013

Storm, what storm? Songkran Koh Samui 2013

The weather is seriously off, it seems. Rain during Songkran or in general during April was something unheard of but over the last 2 years or so, Songkran actually had some rain but this year really tops it off.

Songkran storm 2013, Koh Samui

It's not just rain we're talking about anymore but downpours and sometimes short, storm like conditions. One of these storms passed over our house last night around 4am and managed to topple one of our big mango trees and a roof add on of our neighbors. 

Songkran storm 2013, Koh Samui

It  must take some power to rip this tree in two pieces!

Songkran storm 2013, Koh Samui

A one 'mighty giant' felled by nature

Songkran storm 2013, Koh Samui

The neighbor's roof, collapsed and being cleaned up

The waves in Chaweng are also out again in full force and it's not advisable to swim there right now. Come Wednesday it should turn a lot nicer again though. Let's see and wait what happens.

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Jamie Monk said...

Was just a bit grey and a little damp here in Phuket. My wife is in Chumphon and she had the same weather as you! Wettest Songkran she can remember.

Camille said...

Hi Jamie,

It stayed dry yesterday but the occasional storms had it in them and today was almost flat out wet.

Alex said...

Yeah some serious rain down in the south east of Samui today, around mid day. The strong waves have completely reshaped the beach at Lamai, and washed up a lot of sea trash and seaweed onto the beach.

It seems to be the sort of weather than lingers for several days, but I see glimpses of stars tonight in the night sky which may be promising for coming days.