Tuesday 16 April 2013

Flash flood on Koh Samui, April 2013

It started out very nicely this morning but the expected sunshine only happened for about an hour and slowly but certainly the clouds crept in again and took over, resulting in some rain around 11am.

Flash flood Koh Samui, April 2013, Makro

At Makro the guards helped with big umbrellas 

That rain stopped but another shower came on shortly afterwards. In between two showers, shortly after noon, we decided to go for shopping at Makro and Tesco Lotus. Right!
Once we arrived at Makro it was pouring down like there was no tomorrow and the first picture here tells a lot!

Flash flood Koh Samui, April 2013, Big C

In front of Big C

This downpour in that strength kept on before and during  our shopping at Makro, on the way to Lotus and during the shopping there. In total at eat an hour possibly an hour and a half torrential rain! Unheard of in April!

Flash flood Koh Samui, April 2013, Samui town center

In front of Samui town center

Once we were done with the shopping, the rain had eased off and the fairly newly installed drainage system can handle the rain pretty well. So much rain in such a short time frame does cause a few problems in some old hot spots and as the pictures show, in front of Big C and in front of Samui town center there were flash floods occurring, causing traffic jams from Makro almost to Lotus and from Big C almost to Samui town center.

Now back home, the rain has ceased once more and the sun is trying to break through the cloud cover!

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Alex said...

Wow. Bad floods up there, by the photos you posted. Rather unexpected too, as it was quite nice in Lamai today until say 13:00 and had looked like the low black clouds of recent days were being blown away from the island.

Began to see something building in the hills behind town though, and headed to Tesco Lotus Lamai. It seemed like a good spot to be in if there was going to be a lengthy downpour. It was, and was lengthy.

Downpours of rain are starting to outstay their welcome now as far as I'm concerned, as you don't know when you get on the motorbike for a short journey to pick something up if you'll be caught in an absolute downpour and will have to wait things out somewhere.

I feel really sorry for those people who come for one week holidays as package holidays.

Although always nice and warm compared to a Russian or British winter time, they must be very dissapointed if they arrived around Friday time and were expecting the blue skies of the last few weeks, and the beaches are a mess at the moment due to the seaweed and trash washed in by recent big waves. Such is the unpredictability of weather on tropical islands. Let's hope things improve for all, soon :)

Camille said...

The forecast is looking good and not predicting any rain at all, actually. Some wind, yes, but no rain. I think this caught pretty much everybody out.
On the other hand, they're flash floods and don't last for too long, an hour maybe, tops!