Thursday 9 February 2012

Reggae Pub 24th Anniversary

Reggae Pub 24th Anniversary

This coming Sunday, 12th February 2012, the Reggae Pub in Chaweng will celebrate it's 24th anniversary. A great achievement.

Poster can be found all over the island, announcing the event

From their website;

"Reggae Pub is the oldest and one of the biggest clubs on Samui. In the beginning the Reggae Pub was just a small bar on Chaweng Beach. Established in 1988 with 15 seats and a bar, Reggae Pub grew to a big nightclub later. With its relocation to the lake it expanded to a gigantic fun pub. In 1995 it burnt down, by tourist misbehavior and was completely rebuilt into the unique architectural wooden building that blended the Reggae style with the traditional Thai style to the modern classical decoration. It gives the place the special atmosphere it has."

I've spent a few nights in the Reggae Pub over the years, although recently my visits dwindled, initially because the prices started to become ridiculous, they were one of the first bars to charge 100.-THB for a beer, it must be near 120.-THB or more now and the second reason is that I just don't participate in Samui's nightlife that much anymore.

Good luck to them though, they're a real Samui institution and next year should see a massive party


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