Sunday 12 February 2012

Mini Golf International, Choengmon

Mini Golf International, Choengmon

It's been a while since our family has done some recreational activity on or around Koh Samui, but yesterday we changed that with a game of mini golf at the Mini Golf International located in Choengmon, with my Mother, the kids, my wife and myself. A good and fun family outing and it had been ages when I last putted a ball on a mini golf course!

At the entrance

The location is fairly easy to find, next to the gas station in Choengmon, you will see a similar sign as above, pointing you in the direction, just follow the sand road and you will arrive at a nice and large compound that hosts the mini golf 18-hole course.

The cashier building with Juergen Schnurr, the owner

The compound is well looked after, beautifully arranged and located in a luscious green and very quiet area, a couple of hundred meters away from the road.
Established in 2001, according to their own website, they have the first professional golf course in Thailand at the same time when Thailand entered the World Mini Golf Federation.
The course is well maintained and there even are small brooms to weep leaves off the lanes and the green surroundings are watered every day.

The first couple of mini golf lanes or holes

We had a great time in this relaxing environment, the kids had a blast and breezed through the course at their own pace, my mother, my wife and myself had a slightly slower pace and really enjoyed the activity and surrounding. Some of the holes are challenging and fun is easily had by all.
It took us around an hour to complete all the 18 holes but we were very pleased to go there in the late afternoon, around 5pm, when it's not so hot. There are also lights, evening games are possible.

An overview of some of the lanes

The opening times are from 9am to 7pm or 09.00 to 19.00 hrs and for your convenience there's a shaded small bar area for cool drinks and refreshments.

The price is very reasonable with 400.-THB for adults, 200.-THB for children and 600.-THB for an all day, unlimited entry fee. Clubs are available in various sizes, so children and short and longer people can enjoy playing.

The score card

If you're looking for a good time for a couple of hours and some minor physical activity, this may be a great choice. Fun as almost guaranteed and the location is lovely. I can highly recommend a visit to the Mini Golf International 18 hole course in Choengmon. Whether you're withe a couple of friends, family or partner, you can enjoy your time there!


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