Sunday 19 February 2012

Food on Wheels; Soda on a bike

Food on Wheels; Soda on a bike

During the recent visit to Maenam's Walking Street, this very interesting vintage motorbike caught my eye, with it's intriguing assortment of bottles. A perfect addition to the Food on Wheels series!

Full view of the bike and bottles

The bottles hold various kind of sweetened water, a small quantity is poured into a cup or glass, ice is added and than filled up with soda, which comes from an iron hose in the front of the bike, attached to the steering wheel. All very simple and straightforward but another ingenious way to make a few Baht!

Eager customers, a schoolkid orders a cup of soda

The bike is a nice piece of work, it's all done up and I wonder if it will actually run if the bottle rack is taken down.

A good view on the bottles

A top view

Interesting to see and experience all the various kinds of food, sweets and drinks that are for sale around the country. It keeps amazing me and it seems to be an endless stream of options. This one definitely had the visual touch worked out!


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