Wednesday 15 February 2012

Wat Plai Laem, the Temple party is in full swing

Wat Plai Laem, the Temple party is in full swing

Each later afternoon/early evening the local Thai people are gathering for some shopping and eating and possibly watch an entertainment show at the local Temple fair at Wat Plai Laem with bands or musicians. Last night the big entertainment stage was erected just in front of the temple.

At least 3 'nang talung' or shadow play stages are erected around the temple grounds

Plenty of food and entertainment is available, just as a good temple fair should be. Thailand is famous for it's little snacks all around and over the place and a temple fair is definitely no exception to this rule!

Assorted 'salapao' or steamed Chinese buns

There are also some games, like blowing up balloons with darts and assorted gambling games although officially they are illegal, but how would you call a game where a ball is let loose on a wooden panel or board and you can put money on the holes where it can end up in. Anyway.....

Deep fried insects, a peculiar smell from the sauce that they are dunked in

Temple fairs like this one also have a social function. The local folk all gather and meet at the fair just as well as you will go there with your colleagues or friends, your school buddies or your family.

Anybody needs some more original copies?

The local temples get some funding, the fairs generate money for them so they can either build new buildings or renovate older ones or keep the temple maintained in general.

Chestnut or 'kowlat'

All in all, the temple fairs are a fun event and although they start to resemble each other, it's definitely worthwhile checking them out if you're new to Thailand but also if you have been around a while. This particular party goes on until 20th February, so plenty of time to come over and check it out for yourself if you're on Koh Samui during this time frame.


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