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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Goodbye to February 2012

Goodbye to February 2012

The February version of 2012 flew by and it's time to say goodbye again to another excellent February! A day early but right now I have time to update! Only the 2008 version of February had some rain towards the end of the month but in general it proofs that February is an excellent to visit Koh Samui.

This February is no exception. There were a few minor rain showers or sometimes some clouds but all over it was an excellent month with plenty of sunshine and nice and warm temperatures.

This T-shirt I spotted at walking street in Maenam and this picture is dedicated to my wife who stays at home with the children when I travel

Right now I'm in Indonesia, on the beautiful and car/motorbike free island of Gili Air, with a flight scheduled early next month, straight from Jakarta to Manila followed by a connecting flight to Cebu in the Philippines. I'll be visiting the lovely island of Malapascua again to teach an IDC.
Now if you wonder how I still manage to update the blog every day with weather reports about Koh Samui, Skype is the answer. each day and especially each morning I get daily local updates from my wife on Koh Samui!

February was a busy month besides my travelling and teaching, my Mother is still on Samui for a 3 month stay and we did a few things together! Besides the already mentioned visit to walking street, we also had a fun afternoon at the Mini Golf in Choengmon with the children.

A big local event was the temple party in Plai Laem with an excellent live show of Pong Lang Sa On during one of the days.

The 'Food on Wheels' series had a new entry and my blog celebrated it's 5th Year Anniversary and still going strong and closing in on 2500 posts!

Hope you enjoyed February as much as I did, wherever you are and I hope you can make it to Koh Samui in the near future to enjoy the island!



Foolsgolduk said...

still another day in Feb Camille! 29 days!


Keep up the great work though!

Camille said...

Yes, today is still February, yesterday I was sure to have time, today I will be busy.

Keep popping in though!