Friday, 17 February 2012

Maenam Walking street

Maenam Walking street

Back in August 201 I reported about the walking street in Fishermans Village, which is held each Friday. This walking street became so popular it inspired various other locations around Koh Samui to start their own version of Walking street.

'Khanom Chin' the local food

Since the Fisherman Village walking street is now so busy each Friday, in my opinion it's no fun anymore, mainly due to the narrow streets and huge amount of visitors. It's become too crowded and there's just not enough space to walk around comfortably and stress free.

Fish balls

A great alternative is the walking street in Maenam, held each Thursday. Wider streets and not as many people as in Bophud's Fishermans Village. Hope that won't change after this post!

Some very nice lamp shades on display and for sale

It's located in the same area where the Chinese new year was held in Maenam, the same block where the Chinese Temple is located. After having visited tow different walking streets, I'm under the impression that more or less the same things are being sold at each location.

Plenty of clothes for sale, including a new bra in case you need one

Besides plenty of assorted food (what else to expect in Thailand?) there are plenty of second hand new clothes for sale and tons of little 'tits and tats', not to forget the 50 Baht Mojitas every hundred meters. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars for a break and sit down and see the street walk by.

Live music at walking street, Sweet home Alabama

A pleasant evening was had and I suspect my Mum of setting a new record for the slowest round of this walking street ever, she managed to stop at about every stand!
If you're looking for a relaxed walking street event, each Thursday evening, Maenam's the place to be! Enjoy.



Mireille said...

Oh how I miss Koh Samui and these wonderful night markets!

Camille said...

Hi Mireille,

Time to come back!

Anonymous said...

I like this Band, sen them in december, come back in april :-)


Camille said...

Hi Joe,

They were rocking nicely!