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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Food on Wheels; Bangkok

Food on Wheels; Bangkok

Time to continue my 'Food on Wheels' series. Last week during my one day visit to Bangkok upon returning from South Korea, I had business to attend at the Hua Lampong MRT or Subway station.

Bangkok is in general a heaven for food on wheels lovers! Everywhere people are selling food and drinks on the sidewalks. Outside of the Hua Lampong subway station was no different.

Fresh OJ seller

Te carts are sometimes very small indeed and like pictured above, it's nothing more than a push cart. Selling fresh Orange juice per bottle doesn't probably bring in big profit margins neither. It's hard to imagine how you can get by with such an income.

Fresh pineapple

This person is selling fresh pineapple. I vividly remember the first time I bought a freshly cut pineapple on Bangkok's streets (an achievement in itself, back in those days!), the explosion of taste in my mouth is unforgettable! I can only strongly advise on buying the fresh fruit from sales people all around Thailand, it's well worth the taste experience! It's not difficult neither, you can just point at what you like. Watch out for the spicy sugar, this is sugar spiced up with cut up small red peppers, it's hot and spicy!



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