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Friday, 19 August 2011

Captain's Choice restaurant at the Imperial Boathouse, Choengmon

Captain's Choice restaurant at the Imperial Boathouse, Choengmon

It's been a while but here's at last a restaurant review. When my sister and her family visited Samui earlier this month, we went to a few restaurants and enjoyed some good food.
One of the places we visited was the Captain's Choice restaurant at the Imperial Boathouse in Choengmon.

Pumpkin soup and deep fried sausage (!) as free starter/warm up

My wife and me have very good and fond memories about this hotel, she worked here for about 8 years at F&B (Food and Beverages) and left the Boathouse when she was 'captain' of the restaurant and I started my PADI Instructor career at the dive shop in this hotel, late in 1999. If you now put one and one together, you should be able to figure out were we met!

Steamed white snapper in a too spicy sauce

My sister also stayed two times at the Boathouse in one of their barges, turned into luxury rooms and over the years I had some enjoyable times and dinners here.


This month there's a real interesting deal until the end of the month, buy a voucher of 1.000,-THB and get 1.000,-THB for free. We ended up eating with 12 people for 4.000,-THB in vouchers with another 4.000,-THB for free thrown in.

Lamb chops with red wine sauce for me

The food was not as good as we expected though. My lamb chops were rare instead of medium rare and one steak was well done instead of rare. They also had a Chardonnay wine on offer for 500,-THB per bottle, which we declined on after tasting it and went for a much more expensive and nicer wine instead. In general we felt that because of the deal we got value for our money but if we would have had to pay the full amount we would've been disappointed.

Chocolate mousse

In general I have a bit of a feeling that the 'grendeur' of the Boathouse is missing, the wooden planks leading to the beach are really worn out and could use a face lift. The entrance and reception area is still nice and in good shape though!

All in all it was great to have a couple of good nights out with my sister and her family and the good company was more important and at the end of the day it wouldn't have mattered where we would have stayed.


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