Tuesday 19 July 2011

Food on Wheels, Sweets from a car in Osan South Korea

Food on Wheels, Sweets from a car in Osan South Korea

I'm in Osan, South Korea right now and the last time I looked at a map, that's still in Asia. Having said that, I did expect to be in a first world country and consequently didn't expect too much about seeing or spotting any 'Food on wheels'. How wrong I was!

The first day in Korea it was bingo pretty much straight away on my walk to the local supermarket, where I spotted this little car or van, selling a Korean variety of sweets, parked just along on the road on a side curb.

The sweets on offer are very much liked by the locals and apparently there's much more 'food on wheels' action here than I ever expected!

For Thailand visitors or folk who live there, this must be a familiar sight, the Salapao as we all know it as well in Thailand. The various colors indicate different stuffing or fillings.

Another slight variation on a Thai theme, sweets baked in iron casts, just like in Thailand. A very nice surprise to see this and a great addition to this series, after my Philippines and Indonesian blog posts in this series!


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