Sunday, 31 July 2011

Goodbye to July 2011

Goodbye to July 2011

Did this month ever fly by! It was a very busy month with two PADI IDC's pretty much back to back in Koh Samui and in Osan, South Korea. I'm becoming a travelling man! Within 7 months I was able to add three countries to my list that I visited for the first time, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines and now South Korea. Not to mention my trips to Indonesia and around Thailand.

First off lets concentrate on the weather during July, and I think it was a pretty average July, with plenty of sunny and hot days but also some rainy days, sometimes spiced up with strong wind. Pretty standard for July.

Road map of part the East Coast of South Korea, from Osan to Samcheok and Deoksan

A highlight for me this month is my first ever trip to South Korea, conducting an IDC there on Osan US Air Base. A very interesting experience.

Eating out is an experience in South Korea, very enjoyable

A month to remember for me but also time to look forward to August and some serious good weather in Samui, I hope!

Thanks for dropping by last month and I hope to keep seeing you all in the future.


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