Sunday 31 July 2011

Road trip from Osan to Samcheok, South Korea

Road trip from Osan to Samcheok, South Korea

During my stay in South Korea, we had to travel from my home base town of Osan to Samcheok on the East coast of Korea. For the open water dives of the first ever Western PADI IDC in Korea, we needed open water! The PADI IE was also to be conducted at the same location, so off we went.

Korean rice paddies with mountains in the background

I like to travel and thoroughly enjoyed the 4 hours drive, which allowed me to see some bits and pieces of the country side. One thing that struck me was the massive amounts of green from trees and rice paddies.

Fence at the beach to stop North Korean spies to enter at night coming from the sea

Upon arrival at the coast, it was pointed out to me that along long stretches of the coast there's barbed wire and ll over the coast there are watch posts, in order to prevent North Korean spies to get into South Korea coming from the ocean.

Deonsak beach, this is where the PADI IE took place

We had some extreme forms of weather, upon arrival it was nice and sunny, just like the first day! The second day turned out to be foggy and wet and today it was warm but cloudy.

Apparently we traveled parts of the Romantic Road of Korea

Memories of the World Championships football in 2002 in South Korea and Japan

We also passed the ski resorts in PyeongChang, where the Olympic winter games for 2018 will take place. From the road you could make out the ski jumping towers in the distance.

All in all a very interesting trip and fun was had by all, we enjoyed some good Korean food big portions and lots of meat!).

The coming days I will visit Seoul, so keep your eyes tuned to this channel!


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