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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Dog eat Dogekko eat gekko

Dog eat Dogekko eat gekko

It's a dog eat dog world and my fellow blogger posted this interesting blog about a Gekko or Jing-jok eating a baby Jing-jok. Something I did hear about but never saw, until I saw it captured in pictures on fellow blogger Malcolm's blog just a few days ago!

So how can I describe my utter surprise when yesterday my son all of a sudden starts to frantically and excitedly shout and point at the ceiling of our living room where a dog eat dog situation was developing in a gekko eat gekko or jing-jok kin jing-jok real life situation.

The series of pictures I made are done with some serious zoom, all the way to max, so the pictures may be a bit grainy but well worth the effort of catching this event on a memory disk.

How much I dislike these small creatures because of their droppings everywhere (haven't heard anybody yet not complaining about their droppings!) they are useful and keep all kinds of small critters out, like flies, mosquito's, spiders etc since they eat them all!

Little by little the smaller gekko was being eaten by the grown up gekko and some fascinating pictures emerged.

Ever seen a six footed gekko?

Strangely enough my son thinks it real funny, even looking at the pictures he laughs about it!

Anyway, once more proven that only the strong survive with thanks to Malcolm!



Paul Garrigan said...

Hi Camille, I saw this happen before - it was a bit unpleasant to watch. I remember when we lived in the village there was no need for television - there was always plenty of action on the walls.

Camille said...

Hi Paul,

Must admit that I wasn't too startled to witness this. As already mentioned in my post, my son thinks it's rather funny..........

There's a lot more going on than we remember or realize in case the telly doesn't work!

Talen said...

Camille, great pics. I've often heard about them eating the smaller ones but I had never seen it either. I guess they eat whatever crosses their path.

Camille said...

Hi Talen,

In 11 years being here, this was the first time I saw it.

It seems like they have the Isaan mentality when it comes down to food, if it's not bigger than me and it walks or moves, than I can eat it!

Martyn said...

Camille I've got to give you ten out of ten for the photos, amazing shots. I didn't realize they were cannibals. Thanks for the education.

Camille said...

Thanks Martyn,

So animals eating the same kind of animals are also referred to as cannibals? That's a new thing learned in the English language, I thought that cannibalism was only referred to with humans being involved.

Mike said...

Camille great pics, clearly not a vegetarian!

Talking about the sh** I hate it as you say it gets everywhere, bonus is I suppose they eat the mosquitoes too :-)

Camille said...

Hi Mike,

Eating mosquitoes is their 'raison d'ĂȘtre'!

Other than that I don't see too much use in them.