Wednesday 17 March 2010

Oil on Samui beaches

Oil on Samui beaches

Messages on Thai web forums about Lamai beach being covered in oil and an sms message portraying the same problem on Chaweng Beach made me decide to have a look for myself today.

The sight I encountered wasn't very pretty. The picture above shows small black pellet kind of debris all over Chaweng's beach which are oil based. After I left the beach I had a hard time cleaning my flip flops of the oily substance that was sticking to my flip flops and I upon touching those pellets it was not easy to clean my hands.
It's very sad to see a syringe among the debris as well, one of a few that I noticed today on a short stretch of beach.

Besides the oil based debris, some stretches of beach, as here in front of Al's Resort, there was also a lot of general debris. On either side of this resort the beach seemed to be a lot cleaner and the general debris was a lot less.

Here a closer look at what kind of debris was on the beach, various kind of shoes were strangely enough represented rather well.

The Tessabaan is looking into the Laem Sor area of the island, at the South Western corner of Samui since apparently that's where the oil is coming from. If there are any updates I will let you know.


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