Saturday 13 March 2010

Our garden is in full bloom

Our garden is in full bloom

And here are some pix to enjoy it. The garden was already blooming but a day and a half of rain definitely helped and caused a bit of a mini explosion.

One of the many orchids, they come in a wide variety of colours

Shompoo or Rose apple, if you treat them right, with giving it sugar water etc the fruits end up being really juice and sweet, our two trees are heavy loaded

Beautiful purple flowers but I don't know their name

Definitely mango season!

A lotus in full bloom

Moo Nang in Southern dialect or Kalin Pling in proper Thai, a sourish fruit

Kanoon or jackfruit

Hope you enjoy the pix.



Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Camille, thanks for the great pictures of you beautiful and bountytiful garden , not only will you enjoy the fruit and veggies , but your eyes can enjoy nature and all it's GLORY the pictures "MADE MY DAY" as ole Clint would say and Ciejay sends a big hello and thank you for the pictures too Malcolm

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Malcolm,

Good to see that you enjoy my garden pix! I do enjoy watching things grow in the garden, although this merely my wifes territory!

MoniqueSamui said...

Toevallig heb ik die paarse vandaag bij 'Intratruin' gekocht, maar de naam weet ik ook niet! Weet wel dat er veel vlinders op af komen, vandaar dat ik ze heb aangeschaft. We hadden de auto volgeladen met bloemen, maar geen fruitbomen ;) De regen was heerlijk en niet alleen de bloemen hebben er profijt bij maar er vliegt ook ineens vanalles door de tuin! De jackfruit is prachtig, topzwaar zo te zien en de rose-apples vind ik heerlijk! Fijn weekend!

Camille Lemmens said...

Hoi Monique,

Als je de naam van die paarse te weet weet te komen, hou me op de hoogte! Mijn vrouw wist ook de Thaise naam niet.

De Jackfruit is heel zwaar, er zijn drie vruchten maar het zal nog wel effe duren voordat ze te eten zijn. Mango's vallen hasst letterlijk om je horen en de rose apples zullen we per kilo kunnen oprapen!

martyn said...

Camille some quite striking pictures. The different shades of green really caught my eye, is Thailand ever out of season when it comes to flowers and fruit. I'd guess the mango didn't hang around too long.

The jackfruit photo is my pick of your shots.

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Martyn,

That's the nice thing about Thailand, there's always some fruit in season.

We got a few Mango branches with at least a dozen or so baby fruits on them, can't wait to see that one turn yellow!