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Friday, 31 October 2008

Goodbye to October 2008

It's that time of the month again and time to make place for a new month!

This years October has been fantastic and nothing like the rain soaked version from last year. How things can change!

The weather has been mild and there was plenty of sunshine throughout the month. There was rain but in a way one expect during a typical rainy season and not day long rain with no break. A very nice month all around.

During October we went to visit various restaurants and a lot of them are very simple but delicious Thai eateries with nothing more than a couple of simple tables and chairs but the food is just great here; Clock Lana in Plai Laem for outstanding Isaan food, Dcheed 2 on the ring road of Chaweng for satay, Gai in Maenam for all round good and cheap Thai food and or Kao Man Gai in Lamai!

Yamato the Japanese restaurant in Chaweng is always a treat and I will never get tired of eating at Il Mulino for lunch!

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog this month and that I will see you back on a regular base!



Anonymous said...

It was interesting to read your blog.Good info especially food. I love Thai food in a simple restaurant and I love what the locals eat. No fancy restaurant. I will try Kao Man Gai restauranr.I will be heading to Koh Samui this Sunday, I hope the weather is good for me to travel around. I will be heading to Koh Phangan first then Koh Samui staying at Thongtakian are. I always love to stay out from the crowded area. Wondering the sea will be choppy or not. M coming from Kuala Lumpur . Is a direct flight by Firefly (low cost Airline by MAS)

Camille Lemmens said...


Thanks for your feedback.

I can highly recommend the Kao Man Gai place in Lamai! Although it's relatively far away from where I live, I eat about once a month there.

The ocean can be rough in November, but up till now the weather has been outstanding!

Enjoy youy stay on Samui.

Honey said...

Hi Camille

Thank you so much for your advise. Hope where m staying is not far from Kao Man Gai