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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 29th November, 2015

Today's weather;

After some hard early morning, it's dry at the moment around Koh Samui, even with a very few bleak sun rays but I expect lots more of rain today. Current temp at 7am is 27C

Here at Panagsama Beach near Moalboal in the Philippines, we had rain last night and it's cloudy this morning. Current temp at 8am local time is also 27C

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 29th November, 2015

Big Buddha during an early morning in the middle of this month

Yesterday saw a wet day around Koh Samui, with plenty of rain although probably not with the intensity that can be expected today. Max temp reached nonetheless 32C

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 29th November, 2015

In Thailand we have the 'no name' but here in the Philippines, it gets turned around into 'Name no'. A bakery shop in Moalboal. There are plenty of bakery shops all around the Philippines, which is good news, unfortunately the bread is very sweet, too much sugar is added, which prevents me from buying any goodies

The forecast heavy rain for today and rain into the late morning tomorrow, after which it should ease up with the clouds and we may enjoy some sunshine in exchange with cloudy moments and some showers. A mixed bag kinda week to come and still very much good old fashioned rainy season weather. 

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