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Monday, 2 November 2015

Welcome to November 2015

We're already on the second day of November, time to say 'Welcome to November 2015'. 

The weather during November is usually among the wettest during the whole year. November is known for the monsoon or rainy season and a typical November will see lots of rain, in the worst case scenario, a few days in a row with almost uninterrupted rain.

The start of this month has already been very wet, we can only hope that it will get better.

Welcome to November 2015

Loy Kratong will be 25th November 

What you don't want to miss out on is the Rua Chak Phra festival in Nathon from 4-12 November and you may spot the odd or more than just that one boat floating the streets of Koh Samui.

The next big event on the agenda this month will be Loy Kratong come 25th November. Another must see and experience festival. The roots of this Buddhist festival date back to around 1800.

'Loy' means to float and a 'kratong' is a floating object. In the case of Loy Kratong, this typically is a slice of a banana trunk that is decorated with elaborately folded banana leaves, flowers, candles and incense sticks. 
Thai people also add some cut off hair and fingernails and 9 Thai Baht to the kratong and float them off in a river, lake or the ocean as a way of letting go of the bad in them and they believe that the festival will bring good luck.

Enjoy the festivals and hopefully it won't rain too much.

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