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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 12th June, 2011

Today's weather;

Samui is cloudy this morning with a current temp at 7am of 26.5C

Yesterday saw plenty of rain around Samui. Max temp reached 33C

At 5.30am this morning, sleepy head is about to run a half marathon

Meanwhile back at the race track on Phuket, it's cloudy today, which suited me just fine for my first official half marathon that I participated in! Current temp at 10 am is 30.2C

I completed my first half marathon in 2hours and 4 minutes, not bad for a first attempt and very close to my expected time.

Yesterday saw a mixed bag of little bursts of sunshine, plenty of cloud cover and an occasional shower with a max temp of 32.3C.



Paul Garrigan said...

Well done on finishing the run Camille. What is your next challenge?

Camille said...

Hi Paul,

Looking at 8th October, midnight run in Bangkok, 12km on Sukhumvit.

How's your Muay Thai coming along?

sept922 said...


Agni said...

I want to go to Thailand!
there must be many durian fruits there :P