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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Goodbye to June 2011

Goodbye to June 2011

It's that time of the month again and for the weather archives, this will go down as a nice month. Plenty of sunshine with some really hot days, although in the middle of the month there were some very strong winds. There were also the occasional showers but they could all be categorized as tropical showers, meaning that they were sweet and short and on top of that they nicely cooled things down a bit. Most of these showers occurred during the evenings.

This was a good month, similar to the last two years.

One of the many sunny mornings on Gili Air this month

Half of the month I spend on Gili Air, a small but beautiful islands north-west of Lombok in Indonesia in order to conduct an IDC.

There weren't too many posts besides the daily weather updates, but one I like is the Gili Air Food on Wheels addition!

Am looking forward to next month, which will have me travel to Osan in South Korea, getting excited about that, but first there will be an IDC to attend starting tomorrow on Koh Samui!



Connie said...

Hey hoi, Ben je in augustus nog wel in Samui?
Ik heb ondertussen een mooi onderwaterhuis gekocht voor een digicamera wat ik nog had.
Ik kan niet wachten het te gaan gebruiken, dus wil zeker een duik gaan maken!!
Yes heb er zin in, nog maar 4 weekjess....

Camille said...

Ja hoor, de eerste week van Augustus kom ik weer op Samui aan en ben dan de rest van de maand thuis.

Anonymous said...

I happen to disagree. It has been overcast for weeks. Were you here the full month, you might agree that the weather was mediocre.

Camille said...

Lots of rain in June and I would agree with you Anonymous but as it was, lots of overcast indeed but very hot days, in my book that's good, but it's also an objective opinion. To each his own.

If you read my post, it states that for almost half a month I was not on Samui, however, I got live updates each day.