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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Welcome to June 2011

Welcome to June 2011

June is usually a very nice month, with warm weather and some occasional, tropical rain showers. This means that the showers are short and possibly intense but that in no time the roads are dry again after the rain. Besides 2007, that's how the last three years were.

This is going to be an exciting month, come 12th June I'm planning to run my first half marathon during the Phuket Laguna International marathon and my run will be a fund raiser for Ocean Protection as part of Project Aware.

Straight after the Phuket (half) marathon I'll be off to Gili Air in Indonesia again for teaching a PADI IDC.

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careless said...

Yeah June :) no warmth here yet in Canuck-Land. Have a good race and be safe :)

Camille said...

Hope you can warm up soon Careless!

Looking forward to the race, thanks for the heads up!