Friday, 24 June 2011

Food on Wheels, The Gili Air bicycle

Food on Wheels, The Gili Air bicycle

So here I am on the small island of Gili Air in Indonesia, an island that doesn't allow cars and motorcycles on it's island (and no dogs for that matter neither!).
We're still in South East Asia, though, right? Right indeed and this also means that I can continue my series about Food on Wheels with a post coming from Gili Air, since here they deliver the food on a bicycle!

The lady that travels around the island with her bike, the box on the back contains the food, in her case, all sweets.

Here are the goodies, tofu, deep fried bananas and various kinds of local sweets

Having tried a few of the sweets, most of them are really nice and I'm looking forward now each day to see her come by at the Oceans 5 dive center. The price, 5.000,-Indonesian Rupiah for three or four sweets, which is like 20,-THB


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