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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

10th March, 2010

Today's weather;

It's overcast time this morning but I've got a hunch feeling that there will be no rain today. Current temp at 7am is 29C.

The draught is becoming more and more of a problem. All major hotels on Samui (and smaller ones as well) have water trucks delivering water each day. Now my parents in law, just a few hundred meters down the road don't have any clear water from their well anymore and come to us for a shower. So far our well never run dry, I wonder how we will do this year.

There's a small reason to celebrate today since this is 1500th post on this blog!

Yesterday saw clear skies and a max temp of 31.3C.



Michelle said...

Dear Camile,

I'm glad that I've stumbled upon your blog site. Your site has given very in-detailed information which I need it so much. I'll be visiting Koh Samui end of April (if there's no last minute hiccup) I would really need your help to advice few things before we touch down Koh Samui.

We will be boarding AirAsia, and I understand that we can't arrive directly at Koh Samui, this will be one of my concern that at which airport should we be landed? And what's our next step? May I know the price for the ticket from the designated place to Koh Samui?

I'm looking forward for your reply as I need to do booking already!

God bless you!


Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Michelle,

You're right, only Bangkok Airways and two flights per day operated by Thai Airways land on Samui, all other flights land at Surat Thani airport. There will be buses waiting at the airport that will take you to the ferry terminal in Donsak, where the ferries for Koh Samui leave. Not really sure how the cost is but probably just a couple of hundred baht, also not sure if it includes the ferry.

It may be easier to fly straight into Samui, it's more expensive but also a lot more convenient and saves a lot of time, getting to the ferry, the ferry and getting to your destination on Samui will probably take around 5 hours.

Hope this helps.

Pete said...

Hi Camille,

Congratulations on your 1500th post, I thoroughly enjoy your blog, I have spent a fair deal of time in Thailand over the last decade (travelling and holidaying) and somewhere down the line, a fair few years away, my partner and I would love to live in Thailand, something to dream of for now, but your blog is a nice way to enjoy a small slice of Samui life from my desk in London, keep up the good work.

Regards from a chilly UK :)


Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Pete,

Thanks a lot for your feedback, it always helps and encourages me to continue, knowing that there's folk out there reading my blurbs.

Hope I can keep attracting you to visit my blog and good luck in the UK!

Alena said...

Dear Camille,

my name is Alena and I would like to travel to Koh Samui this year. I found really good flight tickets but they are able only from April till 24th June. I want to travel there for 14 days and we can go only from the end of May till 24 th June. Which term you recommend me? 14 days May/June or 14 days in June till 24th? Do you think that this time is ok to travel there? We love hot wet weather and I am afraid about rains :-(

Thank you very much for your reply.

Have a nice day!

Czech republic

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Alena,

May and June are usually very good weather wise on Samui. There may be the odd rain shower but it will be a tropical one that will be short and everything will be dry very quickly again. This is definitely not the rainy season, that's usually in November. Have a look at my May and June archives of the last 3 years, they should be reassuring. June is usually better than May and especially the beginning of May tends to see wet weather. Overall however, as I mentioned before, it should be a good time to visit.

Hope this helps.