Wednesday 30 December 2009

Bangkok Restaurant, Bophud

Bangkok Restaurant, Bophud

Last night I visited the Bangkok Restaurant in Bophud with Thai friends of mine. Just in the nick of time before the current year is over.

The Bangkok restaurant is opposite Bandon Hospital, on the ring road, near Big C and is owned by Paul, a very smart entrepeneur on Samui who is also the owner of the Irish Times, an Irish pub catering to local expats, adjacent to the Bangkok restaurant and on top of that he also owns and runs Tropical Murphy's, an Irish pub in Chaweng, that together with the Islander pub must be about the most popular pubs in town since they're full on almost any day of the week. Two pubs I frequent every once in a while and still haven't made it on to my blog, since they both serve good pub grub.

Yesterday saw a very busy day in the restaurant, way above average due to the fact that the restaurant was used by various companies to celebrate their company new years party with their employees.
My Thai friends who choose the place for last nights dinner occasion like it because the food is good and they have a good live band, two things that seem to prerequisites for a night of sanuk.
(สนุก or "SANUK" means "to have fun". An important thing in everyday life is "SANUK".
Thai people love to have fun together. "SANUK" can represent many things : eat together, to be with friends and chat, to go out with friends. For Thai people "SANUK" happens with several persons. When coming back from business, Thai people often ask "was it funny ?" (สนุกไหม) before "was it successful ?", with thanks to Thaiworld view)

The band was steaming indeed and produced a couple of very popular songs, Instinct was one of the faves.

The food was also good, this dish here shows Pla Muek pad khai khem or squid with a salty egg sauce. A very nice and rich sauce indeed! Yummy.

This Pla Thot or deep fried fish also made it on to our table with a lovely sweet and sour sauce with cashew nuts.

A good night was had by all and definitely a place to go back to.


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Mike said...

Hi Camille, that sounds fun and the food looks great.

Hope you have a successful 2010 both in business and with your blogs.

Dare I suggest a few more pics too? Only its nice to see your part of the world.

Sawadee Pee Mai from us all at MTF.