Tuesday 8 December 2009

Bravo Pizzeria and Pasta station, Bang Rak

Bravo Pizzeria and Pasta station in Bang Rak has closed since early 2012 and has opened under a new name and a new owner and this new place has consequently closed as well.

Fairly recently, about a month or so ago, a new pizzeria and pasta station opened in Bang Rak; Bravo (the name since has been changed into 'Bravissimo'). It's a shared venture between a very long standing Italian guy, Davide, who's been already more than 20 years on Samui and has earned his mark in the Italian restaurant industry on Samui together with a Hungarian partner, Silvia and her husband. Quality is guaranteed!

Bravo is located directly opposite Mermaids resort in Bang Rak or next to the Premier's Sport bar, you can't miss it.

Today I went together with my kids and they loved it! They finished a spaghetti with tuna between the two of them, which is a good feat!

The interior of Bravo is done very nice and warm, with charming chairs and the ambiance is very inviting and relaxing.

For starters I had a simple bread with tomatoes and basil and they were lovely, with olive oil and some garlic, even my daughter thought they were excellent.

As a main I had these cannelloni's with spinach and ricotta cheese fillings and I had the choice between 4 sauces; tomato, 4 cheese, pesto and another one I forgot. I went for the 4 cheese and it was lovely.

Definitely a place I will be seeing again and recommended when you're in the neighbourhood.
For reservations call 08 7628 0084 and long term residents get a discount.



Martyn said...

Camille I've only ever been to one island off Thailand and that was Koh Chang. I didn't want to go but when I did I've got to say it was wonderful. Since seeing Jaws in the 70's me and water have never got on.

I first learned to swim in Pattaya albeit just a width of the pool. A mate of mine put a whiskey and coke on the other side of the pool to me and basically said if you want it then swim for it cause it won't be there long. I made it but it wasn't a pretty sight. Nowadays I can slash a little further but need to be lured by a much larger dash of coke. I honestly think I'd drown if the lure was pasta, spinach and cheese.

I will make Samui one day and I will also check out some of the haunts you regularly blog about but I just ain't never gonna be an island boy. The water fascinates me but scares me as well.

The food looks great but I'd have to eat it with my feet firmly planted on terra firma.

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Martn,

Sounds like I need to take you divig ;-)

Mike said...

Camille it sounds like you have it all! I have yet to find a pizza in Prachuap let alone a decent one.

Its a food I like occasionally but even in BKK and Hua Hin they are pretty average.

When you take Martyn diving can I come along with the camera?

Camille Lemmens said...


Samui sees a few more tourists in a year and there are more Westerners living here compared to Prachuap! There seem to be pizza ristorantes about on every corner, but luckily, also many decent ones.

Guess you're not the only one wanting to see Martyn go diving!

Steve said...

Oh man the cannoli's look awesome. I have had some awesome Italian food in Thailand, it is probably the best represented ethnic food in the kingdom with the exception of Indian. Can't wait to come to Samui and get re-certified with you.

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Steve,

A very good obeservation, I agree that Italian and Indian food are genrally probably the best ethnic foods represented in Thailand.

Look forward getting wet with you again!

Alicia said...

Great writing, Camille. Made my mouth water.I curious about the cheeses available in markets. Made locally or imported or both?
I'm visiting Samui in February staying with a friend in Chaweng.

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Alicia,

Good cheeses are all imported and relatively expensive.

Can't really buy them at a market since your average Thai person won't eat it and can't afford it, big supermarkets like Tesco Lotus and Big C have it, providing there are enough Westerners around.