Tuesday 1 December 2009

Welcome to December 2009

Welcome to December 2009

Bring it on, December 2009, with all it's festivities, like HM The King's Birthday 5th December, for the Dutch; Sinterklaas 6th December, 10th December gives us Constitution Day in Thailand and by the 25th it's Christmas time again followed by New years Eve. Busy busy and lots of party opportunities.

Right now it looks like we will have a nice and dry first week of this month where usually it's typically very wet during the first 10 to 15 days in December.

It looks like a real busy month for me, with an IDC starting tomorrow and straight after that a mixture of Instructor level specialty training and an Assistant Instructor course, which will pretty much keep me busy until the end of the year!

A good December wished to all my readers and hope to see you soon in Samui.


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