Sunday 29 November 2009

Tarmac, here we come!

Tarmac, here we come!

Having reported earlier on the bad state and safety of the roads around Samui, there's some good news at last. Since about 6 months or maybe even longer, the Nathon beach road has received a tarmac surface.

Road construction between Lamai and Hua Thanon

This tarmac surface is now being extended all around the island and a start has been made between Hua Thanon and Lamai. Hopefully this tarmac layer will prevent the current potholes and cracks around the ring road and all secondary roads around the island.

It makes for a lovely driving experience and your car isn't bouncing along the roads anymore and on a bike you don't have to look out for potholes all the time. The only downside I can see is that because of the great surface, both cars and motorbikes will speed even more than they to currently do.

Other than, Tessabaan, congrats to a job well done and I seriously hope the progress on this project will continue as scheduled and somewhere next year the whole of the island has a nice tarmac layer!


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