Wednesday 25 November 2009

25th November, 2009

Today's weather;

The strangest thing happened overnight, the nonstop rain for a whole week that should start over the weekend and and the one day storm raging over Samui just vanished overnight on the forecasts and it all looks nice and dandy again.
Unfortunately this is a reason to worry for the people that live on Samui since all water wells will run dry very soon.
Today's it looks nice, a blue sky laced with plenty of white clouds and a current temp at 7am of around 26C

Yesterday saw more of the same, no rain and plenty of sunshine with a moderate wind in the morning. max temp reached around 30C.


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Mike said...

Hi Camille thought I'd stop by to check your weather and compare it with here in Prachuap.

At the moment we are quite cool, sunny blue sky with the wind in the NE (NE Monsoon). No aircon for a few days now.

Absolutely great since the humidity is down too.