Wednesday 11 November 2009

The yearly reminder, don't drown on your holiday!

The yearly reminder, don't drown on your holiday!

I don't want to spoil your holiday mode, but unfortunately each year people lose their lives on holiday in ways that can be easily prevented. One of these ways is drowning because of rip currents or under tows. Each year I report about this, look here for 2007 and here for 2008 posts.

Each year, people drown on Chaweng's, Koh Phangan's, Phuket's and other Thai beaches because of these currents.

Using your common sense and watching out for signs, like this one in front of Centara Grand Beach Resort on Chaweng Beach with yellow or red coloured flags to design the danger level. Check out the warning signs all along the various beaches around Samui and other Thai holiday destinations.

In German and English, this warning sign in front of Malibu Resort, also on Chaweng Beach.

Usually it's older and weaker people that get caught out and most deaths attributed to "undertow" happen when people playing in the area where the waves run up onto the beach get their feet knocked out from under them when the water flows back down to the sea. They get dragged a short distance into the breakers, and aren't strong enough or knowledgeable enough to get back to shore.

Here's how a rip current works, if you get caught in one, swim alongshore to the left or right, to escape the seaward-flowing jet of water. Riptides can flow much faster than you can swim: if you try to swim directly back to shore against the current, you'll soon become tired and risk drowning.

Hope this helps and enjoy your holidays in Koh Samui and Thailand.

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