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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

30 June, 2009

Today's weather;

The last day of this June this year starts nice with sunshine and a thin white layer. Current temp at 7 am is 26.2C.

Yesterday was dry and fairly sunny with a max temp of 33.5C.



Sabrina said...

Hello Again.

Thank you so much for your respond.
I may have made myself misunderstood, I have a daily tour on BBC weather
so the bad weather I have seen at this point is not for august but for
these days:)

However, the bad weather these forecasts has showed me is mostly tropical thunderstorms.
And as I have understood, these usually does not last vary long.

Thank you again for responding.

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Sabrina,

Guess I did miss understand you. August is as good as it can get here, usually very nice weather.
The current predications that you’re reading predict rain in % and even a 10 or 20% chance of rain looks ‘horrible’ in these predications. On top of that, tropical thunderstorms that we do have last for about half an hour with typically sun on either side of the rain.

Anonymous said...

we will be in samui for our honeymoon on 19 july for about a week. As far as I know during this period it is rainy and there is not too much sun shine. We are also told that the see is not too clear and not ideal for swimming. I was hoping to get a nice sun tan and enjoy the see, that is why I'm a little bit disappointed. What would your comment be regarding the weather condition? will I be able to get a nice sun tan or should I total forget about it and try to enjoy with the island itself?
thank you for your assisstance :)

Camille Lemmens said...


Although there may be rain, July is not that bad at all, usually. Tropical rainstorms can be common however with sunshine potentially at either side of the rain and the rain shouldn't last longer than half an hour or so.

Hope this helps.