Monday 29 June 2009

Samui immigration office, the 3 monthly visit

Samui immigration office, the 3 monthly visit

Was due this morning. Since I am legally married to a Thai national, in this case my wife, I am in a slightly easier Visa situation than non married long term visitors to Thailand. Every year I need to re-new my 'non immigrant O' visa and every three months I need to show up at the Samui immigration office to proof that I'm still here and behaving.

The Samui Immigration office in Nathon
If you're not married to a Thai national, than basically you have to leave the country every 3 months for a so called border run. You can organise this yourself, by renting a (or with your own) car, public transportation or by organised trips that leave Samui 'stupid' early and come back to Samui around 6pm.

The Samui office is part of the various immigration offices and border check points around the country and any information regarding the various visa on offer in Thailand can be found on the official website of the Thai Immigration offices.

Entrance to the Samui office which is located near the big traffic crossing, just outside of Nathon, on the road which leads to the government hospital in Nathon.
Happy travels and don't forget to check your expiration date of your visa in Thailand!

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