Sunday 28 June 2009

Haveli, Indian restaurant in Bang Rak

Haveli, Indian restaurant in Bang Rak

Since about two months now, Haveli an Indian restaurant in Bang Rak has opened it's doors. During the last 10 days I've been there twice and I must say that this is the best Indian food I've had on Samui so far.

This is the place in question, on the main road in Bang Rak. From 9 am to 4 pm it's a bakery kind of place with wraps, sandwiches and baguettes and after 6 pm it's the restaurant that opens the doors again, with different staff compared to the day shift and Xavier is your host. Interestingly enough, Xavier is of Indian origin and completed his Open Water to PADI Instructor course last October. He's on Samui for almost two years now and an he's excellent host with good knowledge of the menu and he can recommend dishes to your liking in case you're not sure what to order.

For those who are in a hurry, Haveli has also take away and the number to call is 0 8282 3416 0r 08 2818 3417. Prices are very reasonable, between 200,-THB and 400,- THB (the latter for the lamb and prawn dishes) in general.

The kitchen staff, as pictured above, is cooking in the open, behind a glass wall, which makes it pleasant for in my opinion, since nothing is hidden and all is out in the open. Another side note is that the chefs are all of Indian origin and they can cook up a storm!

Can chicken melt on your tongue? This is a Chicken Malai Kebab, marinated in a mild creamy sauce and grilled, and it came close! One of the best chicken dishes I ever had.

We were so hungry that we all dug in to the mains immediately when they were served, so this is what is left over of a delicious vegetable curry before it was completely finished off.
Other dishes I have enjoyed over my two visits included, vegetable Samosas, an all round fave, vegetable Pakoora, Aloo Jera; potato cubes with spices and roasted cumin seeds ( I always thought I didn't like cumin, until yesterday that is), Mushrooms & Peas Masala; stir fried with Indian spices, Saag Chicken; cooked in spinach and special herbs (which was a bit salty, but upon telling Xavier, he immediately rushed to the kitchen to inform the chef) and various Naan breads.
The only thing they need to add onto the menu is Lassi's but besides this minor detail, I can highly recommend a trip to Bang Rak and especially a visit to Haveli.


Happy Dive Station said...

i will for sure

Mike said...

Camille this looks great. I too enjoy Indian food which I haven't seen here perhaps because we are off the tourist trail.

Grainne said...

I will look forward to trying that! Here in London I live just off Brick Lane, which hosts some 50 or so curry houses - it'll be nice to feel at home again!!

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Mike,

Pretty sure it has to do with the tourist trial, There are various Indian restuarants on Samui and so far, this one takes the stroodle.

Another important point to consider is that the majority of Thais just won't like Indian curries, I know just a handfull that actually do.

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Grainne,

Brick Lane, Little Inida or just your average London road? Hehe.

Guess this one will satisfy your needs. See you soon.

MoniqueSamui said...

Bedankt voor de tip Camille ... dat gaat we dit weekend uitproberen, want we zijn gek op de Indiase keuken!

Camille Lemmens said...

Hoi Monique,

Ben zeker dat het goed bevalt! Smakelijk.