Sunday 1 February 2009

Welcome to February 2009

Welcome to February 2009

We're well on our way into 2009 with the second month of the year kicking off. Last year, February was nice, warm and sunny, similar to what is predicted for the first week of this month.

February is usually a quiet month for tourism in Thailand, in the West there are no big holidays until April (Easter) and in the East it's similar regarding big holidays, none are coming up.

Considering the weather we had during February it's a actually a good month to visit.

Come 16th February 2009, it'll be exactly two years ago that I started this blog and so far well over 60.000 visits have been made to my blog. Thanks for visiting and I hope you will keep coming back!



Anonymous said...

Would just like to say I think your blog site is great, found it when looking for Koh Samui weather on google. My husband and I are coming out to Koh Samui on March 7th actually arriving 8th March and it will be our
first visit to Thailand. Therefore, found your information very useful.
Great job!

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Heather,

Thanks for the thumbs up! That's appreciated. Hope you will enjoy your stay on Samui.