Tuesday 3 February 2009

3rd February, 2009

Today's weather;

It's the same as the previous days, a blue sky with some overcast. The current temp at 7 am is 26C.

Yesterday saw almost clear blue skies during the morning changing into slightly overcast skies during the afternoon. It was dry and warm though with a max temp of 28.5C.



Anonymous said...

Hi Camille

I am planning my summer holiday, I am in love with Thailand and have been there 21 times... Although, I have never been to Koh Samui. How is the weather there in June and July? Best regards Anna, Sweden

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Anna,

June and July are nice months with plenty of sunshine and an occasional tropical shower. Have a look in my 2007 and 2008 archives for these two months and look at the 'Goodbye to ...' posts, they contain info about that month's behavior.

Good luck and sunny greeting from Samui, Camille