Sunday 22 February 2009

Samui Pirates - The Thai Red Cross Society Charity Bike Ride

Samui Pirates - The Thai Red Cross Society Charity Bike Ride

Today during our 'around the island trip' with my sister, in our car, we encountered the Samui Pirates - The Thai Red Cross Society Charity Bike Ride organised by the Samui Pirates.

The Samui Pirates are holding the Island Charity Bike ride to help The Thai Red Cross Society. The ride will begin in the afternoon and will end with a free live Rock Concert at Nathon Pier in the evening.

Riding through Chaweng.

We leave and ride round the island at 2 PM. We will stop at Lamai, at Buddy's Bar (see picture above) for refreshments (water etc.). At 4 Pm we will arrive at Nathon ferry car park where the evening event will take place. At 5 PM we will have games and a charity auction. 7 Pm the live music starts. 9 PM we will welcome all Clubs to Koh Samui and invite Club Officials on stage. It will be a good day!!!!
This picture will give you an idea how many bikes were participating, it was well impressive!

Custom made bike.

Modern time bike

We just passed Buddy at Lamai when they were having their break and I took the opportunity to make some pictures of some really cool bikes. I'll post more pix in a second post.


Anonymous said...

Hi Camille,

I am Rocco. I was on Samui from 1 till 19 feb. My dutch friends played a concert in Nathon after the biking. I usualy am the drummer but i could not change my ticket. Do you have picture material ogg this concert or do you know a link to the broadcasting station so i can see it hete om internet...?
Pls react. I would love to see a bit off it...



Camille Lemmens said...

Hoi Rocco,

Ben je bij Bob zijn band? Ben zelf ook nederlander, dus kunne gemakkelijk in het NL's communiceren.

Ben helaas niet naar het concert geweest, en heb zelf ook geen foto's van het concert. Mischien kun je de Samui Pirates benaderen, ik denk dat die vast wel foto's hebben. Helaas heb ik verder ook geen andere links voor je.


Anonymous said...

ha camille
was een leuke dag,als je eens in de buurt bent we hebben elke zaterdagclubavond in the honeybar in chaweng, vele groeten

rick spmc