Saturday 28 February 2009

Fair in Nathon

Fair in Nathon

Fairs are always fun, especially if it's your first Thai fair! They're colourful, strange smells from exotic food are in the air and weird things can be seen.

The yearly fair in Nathon is no different and I actually found a few interesting things, besides the usual barrage of food and cheap or second hand clothes, have a look at some of the pix below.

This machine is a first for me. It makes Kao Maak, a fermented version of rice, very popular here with local Samui people. This machine trashes the rice continuously, never seen it before.

Here's Kao Laam on sale, a sticky rice, sweet dessert, stuffed in bamboo.

Another interesting thing for the young ones was this hand powered roundabout.

As already mentioned, besides the usual food and clothes on sale, you could also pick up your long wanted teak wooden bed or other teak wood furniture!

Or, how about some garden statues?
besides this, there were animals for sale, small house hold utensils and lots more. If you're in Thailand, these fairs are worthwhile visiting and are very popular with the local population.
The fair in Nathon used to be a major event for Samui, but nowadays similar fairs are held all over the island and this specific fair has lost a bit of it's importance. Fairs like this are held all over Thailand though, so you don't want to miss out on one near you.


Jamie Monk said...

Nice! Now, if I find time to visit the fair in Kathu village this week I will link in to your post too. They are just about all set up - looks like the same fair! Food, furniture and fun for all the family! :)

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Jamie,

Have fun if you find the time!
All the food shops and such are probably run by the same family -;)

Fun indeed though. The kids love it.