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Saturday, 4 March 2017

The 2nd Koh Samui mini marathon, Sunday 28th May 2017

The 8th Koh Samui mini marathon, Sunday 28th May 2017

My favorite hobby has another event on Koh Samui; The 8th Koh Samui mini marathon, Sunday 28th May 2017.
Yes indeed, another running event has been added to the Koh Samui race calendar and it looks that I will be on the island that day and can participate, in contrast to last year, when I missed the race while I was not on the island.

The races on offer are a 10.5km mini marathon distance race with a 6am start and a 5km fun run distance race with a 6.20am start.

Providing I stay healthy, I', looking into a top ten overall finish and top three finish in my age category but ideally a win in that age category of 55-59 years!

For the overall winner there's a 1,000.-THB, 800.-THB and 500.-THB price for up to 18 years and in the open category, plus all top ten finishers in each category will receive a trophy and all 10.5km runners receive a medal upon completing the race and the first 750 fun run finishers receive a medal.

Online registration can be done on this page and all other relevant information regarding the race can be found there as well, in Thai and in English.
The participation fee is 100.-THB for the fun run or 50.-THB for Koh Samui students and 200.-THB for the mini marathon.

The 8th Koh Samui mini marathon, Sunday 28th May 2017

The 8th Koh Samui mini marathon, Sunday 28th May 2017

Hope you will come out 'en masse' and enjoy an early morning run. 
A lot of the regular Samui runners will already be in the final stages of their marathon training plans for the Boutique Koh Samui marathon, come Sunday 25th June and the mini marathon will be a great training opportunity. Do not be surprised if some of us will add extra time or km's to fulfill the needed quota for the day, as part of our respective training plans.

See you there!

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