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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Next Samui Green Market Sunday 5th March at Elysee

Next Samui Green Market Sunday 5th March at Elysee

The Next Samui Green Market Sunday 5th March at Elysee Boutique Resort in Fisherman's Village. As always the start is at 3pm or 15.00 and the show is over around 6.30pm.

In the meantime, you can get your fix of bread, locally made, locally grown, locally packaged, healthy organic food & vegan food, freshly roasted coffee, home-made breads & pastries, raw desserts & sweets, probiotic soft drinks and  homemade chocolate & cheeses.

Or how about some organic soaps & shampoos, arts, craft and games, yoga goods, second-hand books & clothes, solar technology & solar ovens, organic garden & aquaponics, trash recycle station, alternative healing therapies & massage and Trash Hero steel water bottle free refilling station for live structured “Kangen” water.

Plenty to check out and experience, taste and buy, but, please do bring your own non plastic bags!
As always entry is free.

Next Samui Green Market Sunday 5th March at Elysee

Next Samui Green Market Sunday 5th March at Elysee

You can also enjoy the food on offer, from the vendors and from the Elysee Boutique Resort's own kitchen, they always come up with some good and enjoyable food.

Hope to see you there, I know I will be there!

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