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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Koh Samui in the 8-tees

Koh Samui in the 9-tees

Here are some pictures by Dave Carlo from Koh Samui in the 9-tees, around 1994, so all copyright belongs to him! A nice step back in time.
Koh Samui in the 9-tees

Chaweng beach road during a rainy day, when the road wasn't paved yet.

Koh Samui in the 9-tees

Such a pier brings back memories, although I didn't arrive until the late 9-tees on the island. It looks like the Fisherman's Village pier, maybe, possibly?

Koh Samui in the 9-tees

Who's been long enough to remember Santa Fe in Chaweng, a very popular night spot for the local Thai young folk that eventually got closed down because of the violence. 

Koh Samui in the 9-tees

Samui airport with all of it's early charms, parking was a nightmare though!

Koh Samui in the 9-tees

Big Buddha, the road got just paved a year or two ago

These kind pf pictures seem to be popular, so I hope you enjoy this lot as much as I do!

If you have any old Samui style pictures, please share hem with me, thanks in advance!

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