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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Samui Ride & Run 23rd & 24th January in Nathon

Samui Ride & Run 23rd & 24th January in Nathon

What looks like my last post of 2015 will be about the up and coming Samui Ride & Run 23rd & 24th January in Nathon.
The website is all in Thai, but it looks like the 23rd January will be all about entertainment and the 24th all about sports.

Samui Ride & Run 23rd & 24th January in Nathon

The 24th will see a 10.5km so called mini marathon, with start and finish near the Seatran pier in Nathon, with a 5pm start and participating will set you back 500.-THB. Ther ewill also be a 3,5km so called fun run, which will start at 6.15 and will set you back 400.-THB in order to be able to participate.
At 8am there will be a 32km bicycle ride, down to Hua Thanon with a big loop and back to Nathon. Participating in this will cost 500.-THB.

Samui Ride & Run 23rd & 24th January in Nathon

The route of the 10.5km mini marathon in Nathon, which leads you along the ocean, to turn at the main road, going bacj through Nathon and down to the Hin Lad waterfall where there will be a u-turn and back to the start

It looks like there's a lot of preparation and enthusiasm involved and it seems to be well organized, so far. Unfortunately I won't be able to participate, since I should be on Koh Lanta on the 24th, and I should be doing a 3 hours and 20 minute run in preparation for a marathon on 14th February in Surat Thani.

If you're on Koh Samui on the 24th January though, do sign up and enjoy the activities!

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