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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Food on wheels, refreshing fruit in Bangkok

Due to my recent visit to Bangkok last weekend, here's another update on the Food on Wheels series; Food on wheels, refreshing fruit in Bangkok.

Food on wheels, refreshing fruit in Bangkok

Very refreshing lime juice for sale near a sky train station on Sukhumvit road

All around Bangkok you can find food on wheels variations, but the busier the area, the more options will be available and can be spotted.

Food on wheels, refreshing fruit in Bangkok

Tub tim ทับทิม or pomegranate for sale near Siam Square

The tourist areas around Bangkok, like Sukhumvit Road, Khao San road and similar well known spots around the city, also sees a high density of food on wheels carts in all kind of forms. From big to small push carts and all the way to motorized bikes and everything in-between or sometimes even bigger. You can easily fill a day trying to look and spot the various vehicles that are being used.

Food on wheels, refreshing fruit in Bangkok

Fresh but expensive coconut juice at 40.-THB per cup

They come in very handy however and they must do a reasonable amount of business, although on the other hand, competition is stiff and at each sky train stations along the busy downtown track, various carts with different food and/or drinks are waiting for you at each station.

Food on wheels, refreshing fruit in Bangkok

This bike near Siam Square has bags with stuff that needs to be deep fried and also sells some hardware, all kept together in a handy carry on, on the back of his bike

One of my first memories from my first visit to Bangkok is finally having the courage to stop a fruit cart and order some pineapple. This was the very first time I had fresh pineapple and I remember my first taste as being an explosion in my mouth! I never had such fresh and sweet pineapple before in my life!
This was the beginning of life long list of orders from street food, varying from fruit to full meals, when in Thailand or surrounding countries. Besides Thailand, I also enjoyed food on wheels and/or street food in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and South Korea.

Hope you will also find the courage to stop a vendor and go and buy some fruit and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did and still do and take it from there to discover the seemingly endless options of food available to you!


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