Tuesday 28 April 2015

Food on Wheels; Coffee and tea in a VW

We're back with another post of Food on Wheels; Coffee and tea in a VW this time around! Last month I didn't have a Food on Wheels contribution, after 68 posts about this topic, spreading my food wings over various countries, it becomes harder and harder to find some new and, at least for me, exciting options.

Food on Wheels; Coffee and tea in a VW

The full Monty

About a week ago I was cruising down Bang Rak beach road when I saw this old Volkswagen van and it wasn't selling alcohol! This was in broad daylight, so it peaked my attention and I swiftly turned around to check this out. Oh my dear Buddha, it was a Mum and daughter selling hot coffee and a wide variety of hot or iced teas on this hot day!

Food on Wheels; Coffee and tea in a VW

Mum checking the goodies

Nowadays you can spot a lot of these old Volkswagen Type 2 camper vans being rebuild, with a roof that can be extended or opened and most of the times you can find them in busy, touristy areas at night, selling cocktails in downtown Chaweng on Koh Samui, Bangkok's Sukhumvit smaller side sois or in Pattaya.

Food on Wheels; Coffee and tea in a VW

A view from the side

This mother / daughter combination was selling hot drinks on a hot day and not too surprisingly, they weren't doing a lot of business, almost exclusively catering to Thai customers. The variations in tea are interesting though, you could even have a coconut flavored tea.

Food on Wheels; Coffee and tea in a VW

Rear end view

I can only wish the ladies good luck and God speed with their business plans, it may have just been a slow at the office last week, but I doubt it somehow. It's good though to see another VW camper van being made to good use and I sincerely hope this sample will survive a lot longer than it already has.

Food on Wheels; Coffee and tea in a VW

Couldn't let it go without taking a picture of the drivers seat!

Hope you enjoyed this little contribution to my Food on Wheels series and good news for next month, I may have sighted another suitable photo opportunity for next month already.

Thanks for dropping by and see you next month.

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