Saturday 5 April 2014

Food on Wheels; The mobile Burger tuk tuk

During my recent stay on Phuket, I visited a market near Chalong circle and to my delight but also surprise, there were some new variations on the Food on Wheels theme!

It's becoming harder each month to find something new or unique after a couple of years following this South East Asian treat. On this market however, there was this tuk tuk that was made into a mobile burger vendor vehicle. Now that's what I call ingenuity.

Beef, pork and chicken burgers with or without cheese are on the menu and that for just 50.-THB a bite! Not a bad deal, even if you need two to stuff yourself enough.

It never ceases to surprise me, the ingenuity and creativity that some people have here and what they come up with, to make a Baht! Hats off to these entrepreneurs and that they may be successful in whatever they are doing! 

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