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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Songkran or Thai New Year 2014 in Khao Lak

Today is the day that Songkran or the Thai New Year is celebrated all over Thailand. In most locations the celebrations only last one day but there also other cities around the Kingdom where a couple of days long there will be water fights.

Songkran 2014, Khao Lak water fight

Water fight

This year I'm for the second time celebrating Songkran in Khao Lak after April 2012.

Songkran 2014, Khao Lak hiding


It's nice and relaxed here without the madness of the bigger cities or the big islands. It makes for a easy going and very relaxed day. Nonetheless, the ambulance was also racing up and down the road, indicating that also here accidents happen.

Songkran 2014, Khao Lak loaded

We're loaded

It was really enjoyable today, in the morning we completed some current PADI IDC work and after lunch we all had off and could enjoy the festivities.

Songkran 2014, Khao Lak

Hope you enjoyed your Songkran this year and that you stayed safe! Unfortunately the death toll is very high on Thailand's roads.

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